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Menifee Girls Softball

Spring 2022 Fundraiser

All registered Menifee Girls Softball (MGS) players are required to participate in the league fundraiser in accordance with the Fund Raising agreement provided during registration. There will be only one fundraising campaign during the Spring season for Popcornonoplis and Mrs. Field's Cookies. The purpose of the fundraiser is to help pay for expenses that are not covered in the registration fees, i.e., fields, lights, insurance, a portion of clinics fees, purchase of new equipment to be provided for team use, and all the other many expenses of having a fun and safe season.

Monetary Prizes

  • League Top Seller wins $100
  • 2nd Place League Top Seller wins $50
  • 3rd Place League Top Seller wins $25
  • Top Selling Team wins $200

Bonus Prizes

Only the highest earned bonus prize is awarded

  • Sell 10 items win a free bag of Gummy Bears
  • Sell 25 items win a free Menifee "Champions start HERE" t-shirt
  • Sell 50 items win a Menifee "Champions start HERE" hoodie


Important Dates

  • March 7, start of Fundraising campaign
  • March 18, end of Fundraising campaign
  • March 19, all money due
  • April 12, delivery

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some FAQs about the campaign:

When does the Fundraiser start?
The fund raising campaign will begin on Monday, March 7. Team moms will distribute the fundraising packets to participants at that time. In order to provide a fair opportunity for all participants, we request that you do not start selling until March 7.

What if I do not wish to participate in the Fundraiser?
Fund raising is part of player participation and was provided during registration, which was a requirement of understanding and agreement. If you wish to opt out of the Fundraiser, a straight donation of $40 will be collected at the end of the campaign.

When does the Fundraiser end?
The fundraising campaign will end on Friday, March 18. All money will be collected on game day Saturday, March 19, at Marion Ashley Community Center. Please see one of the Fundraising Coordinators.

What forms of payment are accepted?
The only forms of payment accepted at this time are cash or a lump sum Venmo payment. If your customer would like to write a check, please have them write the check to you and you can cash it before turning it in to the league? If your customer would like to make a Venmo payment, please have them Venmo you. At the end of the Fundraiser campaign, the team moms can make a one lump sum Venmo payment to the league.

I am a team mom, how do I process Opt Out requests?
A straight donation of $40 will be required for all opt out requests. You can collect cash or Venmo payments for these types of requests. See "What Forms of Payment are Accepted" FAQ for more information on how to process money collected.

How do I turn in the fundraising money collected?
  • Use the manila envelope that was provided to you for collecting all the money due and to track payments received by each participant, and include the name of the team, division, and team mom name on the front of the envelope prior to turning in
  • Only provide the completed Popcornoplis and Mrs. Fields order forms and the total money collected from each participant Note, online orders are tracked separately and do not need to be tracked by the team mom or on top of the manilla envelope. Online orders will automatically be added to the total sales for each participant for qualifying prizes.
  • If a participant Opts Out of the fundraiser, indicate it on the front of the envelope and include the $40 straight donation with the total money received
  • Verify money collected from each participant matches the total of the order forms
  • Make sure there is a player name, division, team, and contact number for a parent on each order form



Field Status

Open Open

Marion Ashley (10:35 AM | 04/02/22)

Open Open

Audie Murphy Ranch Sports Park (10:35 AM | 04/02/22)

Open Open

Centennial Park (10:35 AM | 04/02/22)

Open Open

El Dorado Park (10:35 AM | 04/02/22)

Open Open

Eller Park (10:35 AM | 04/02/22)

Open Open

La Ladera Park (10:35 AM | 04/02/22)

Open Open

Sunrise Park (10:35 AM | 04/02/22)

Open Open

Wheatfield (10:35 AM | 04/02/22)

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